“PayPal is simply a smarter, savvier way to pay in just a few”

Our Payments

Our Payments…
PayPal is a simple way to pay online. All you need is an email address to make a secure online payment using your debit card, credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. You can pay us, knowing that PayPal won’t share your financial details with “Do It All For Me”. It’s faster because you don’t have to type in your card details and you can check out quickly.

Key Benefits

Using PayPal allows you to pay however you want. You can link your PayPal account to your bank account, debit and credit cards (and still earn your reward points) simply by adding the details to your PayPal account. This way, you can choose how you want to pay, and you never have to worry about making sure there’s money in your PayPal account.

With PayPal, you have the freedom and flexibility to pay the way you want,
while keeping your financial information private and secure.


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