Affordable Web & Graphic Design for Individuals and Small Business


We like to includ our clients in the entire site design and development process. We should all have fun during the creation and construction period, and we encourage an attitude of “let’s play with it” and see how each step comes out. Hey, if you don’t like it, you simply tell us and we change it. We believe this becomes a win-win situation with everyone more relaxed and creative through the entire process. Being honest from the start of the project, we find it has a tendency to remove shocking surprises when we arrive at the end result, after hours, days or weeks of working together.
Our Custom Design Process…
Step 1. Decide What You Want

The first step is to consider what you want to achieve with your website. Take a look at our three options and decide what is best for you and your business right now. We can always expand the site later, as your business grows.

Step 2. Show Us What You Like

The second step in the design process lies with you: we need to know what you like in a website. We’ll ask you to find some websites you’d like to emulate. Consider the navigation menus (do you want horizontal vs. vertical) and where do you want them? Think about the images you’d like to see (photos, illustrations, any graphics). What colours do you like?

Through these links, the search engines’ automated robots, called “spiders” can reach the billions of interconnected documents. Once the engines find these pages, they then decipher the code from them and store selected pieces on commercial hard drives, to be recalled later when needed for a search enquiry. To hold the billions of pages that can be accessed in a fraction of a second, the search engines have datacenters all over the world.

These storage facilities hold thousands of machines each processing huge quantities of information. After all, when a person performs a search at any of the major engines (Google being the most famous – in fact, it’s so popular it’s now become a verb!), they demand results instantaneously – even a 1 or 2 second delay can cause frustration, so the engines work hard to provide answers virtually immediately.

Paul’s attitude, professionalism and tenacity get the best results.
He was supportive and patient creating my website and nothing was too much trouble.
I will be recommending “Do It All For Me” time and time again.

Suzanne, BullyProofing Coach

Fonts? And what type of layout appeals to you most? Where do the elements fall on the page? Is it a busy look or more sparse and clean? Do you want a background? Music? Photo Albums? A logo? Artwork? Will you write the content (copy)?

Discovering what you like and don’t like is quick and easy. It’s FUN, we love it, and we think you will too. We can complete any part of the process you wish, such as copy, logo, artwork, photo and video editing, whiteboard and explainer videos. And if you have no idea what it is that you want, we can make suggestions and create draft versions too.

Step 3. Let’s Collaborate on the Design

After we’ve heard from you regarding the basic design elements you’re looking for, we create a mockup. This part of the process involves some back and forth emails as we fine-tune the design for you. We’ll pop it onto the internet and you’ll be able to see it live. Please give us open feedback, it’s the only way to work together. If you don’t like something… tell us! This is the time to polish and fine-tune the design so that it’s exactly what you want.

Step 4. We Build the Website

Once you’re happy with the final design, you’re done! We put the pieces together, and in a few days, your new website will be on the Internet ready to be viewed by the world! How exciting!